Convert a single multinominal, site-level attribute from a SoilProfileCollection into a matrix of corresponding logical values. The result contains IDs from the SoilProfileCollection and can easily be joined to the original site-level data.

multinominal2logical(x, v)



a SoilProfileCollection object


the name of a site-level attribute that is a factor, or can be coerced to a factor, with more than 2 levels


A data.frame with IDs in the first column, and as many columns of logical vectors as there were levels in v. See examples.


D.E. Beaudette


# \donttest{

if(require(soilDB) &
   require(aqp) &
   require(latticeExtra)) {
  # sample data, an SPC
  data(loafercreek, package='soilDB')
  # convert to logical matrix
  hp <- multinominal2logical(loafercreek, 'hillslopeprof')
  # join-in to site data
  site(loafercreek) <- hp
  # variable names
  v <- c('', '', 
         'argillic.horizon', 'toeslope', 'footslope', 
         'backslope', 'shoulder', 'summit')
  # visualize with some other diagnostic features
  x <- diagnosticPropertyPlot(loafercreek, v, k = 5, 
                              grid.label = 'bedrckkind', dend.label = 'pedon_id')  

# }