Non-standard Munsell notation ('7.9YR 2.7/2.0') can be matched (nearest-neighbor, no interpolation) to the closest color within the munsell sRGB/CIELAB look-up table via getClosestMunsellChip(). A more accurate estimate of sRGB values from non-standard notation can be achieved with the munsellinterpol package. For example, conversion from Munsell to CIELAB, assuming a D65 illuminant via: MunsellToLab('0.1Y 3.3/4.4', white='D65', adapt='Bradford').

getClosestMunsellChip(munsellColor, convertColors = TRUE, ...)



character vector of strings containing Munsell notation of color, e.g. '10YR 4/3'


logical, should parsed Munsell colors be converted into sRGB values


further arguments to munsell2rgb


a data.frame when convertColors=TRUE, otherwise character vector


# convert a non-standard color to closest "chip" in `munsell` look-up table
getClosestMunsellChip('7.9YR 2.7/2.0', convertColors = FALSE)
#> [1] "7.5YR 2.5/2"

# convert directly to R color
getClosestMunsellChip('7.9YR 2.7/2.0')
#> [1] "#4B392DFF"

# special case for 2.5 value -> no rounding, we have these records in the conversion LUT
getClosestMunsellChip('7.5YR 2.5/2', convertColors = FALSE)
#> [1] "7.5YR 2.5/2"

getClosestMunsellChip('7.5YR 6.8/4.4', convertColors = FALSE)
#> [1] "7.5YR 7/4"