Simulate a collection of soil profiles based on the horizonation of a single soil profile. Now deprecated: use perturb() for perturbations of horizon thicknesses or boundaries.

sim(x, n = 1, iterations = 25, = 2, min.thick = 2)



a SoilProfileCollection object containing a single profile from which to draw simulated data


the number of requested simulations


sampling iterations used to determine each horizon thickness

standard deviation used to simulate horizon thickness, can be a vector but must divide evenly into the number of horizons found in x


minimum horizon thickness allowed in simulation results


A SoilProfileCollection object with n simulated profiles, each containing the same number of horizons and same data as x


This function generates a collection of simulated soil profiles based on the horizon thickness data associated with a single "template" profile. Simulation is based on sampling from a family of Gaussian distribution with means defined by the "template" profile and standard deviation defined by the user.

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D. E. Beaudette


# please see documentation for perturb() for examples
#  the sim() function calls perturb() internally