Intermediate-scale gridded (800m) soil property and interpretation maps from aggregated SSURGO and STATSGO data. These maps were developed by USDA-NRCS-SPSD staff in collaboration with UCD-LAWR. Originally for educational use and interactive thematic maps, these data are a suitable alternative to gridded STATSGO-derived thematic soil maps. The full size grids can be downloaded here.

ISSR800.wcs(aoi, var, res = 800, quiet = FALSE)



area of interest (AOI) defined using a Spatial*, RasterLayer, sf, sfc or bbox object, OR a list, see details


ISSR-800 grid name (case insensitive), see details


grid resolution, units of meters. The native resolution of ISSR-800 grids (this WCS) is 800m.


logical, passed to curl::curl_download to enable / suppress URL and progress bar for download.


A SpatRaster (or RasterLayer) object containing indexed map unit keys and associated raster attribute table or a try-error if request fails. By default, spatial classes from the terra package are returned. If the input object class is from the raster or sp packages a RasterLayer is returned.


aoi should be specified as a SpatRaster, Spatial*, RasterLayer, SpatRaster/SpatVector, sf, sfc, or bbox object or a list containing:


bounding-box specified as (xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax) e.g. c(-114.16, 47.65, -114.08, 47.68)


coordinate reference system of BBOX, e.g. 'OGC:CRS84' (EPSG:4326, WGS84 Longitude/Latitude)

The WCS query is parameterized using a rectangular extent derived from the above AOI specification, after conversion to the native CRS (EPSG:5070) of the ISSR-800 grids.

Variables available from this WCS can be queried using WCS_details(wcs = 'ISSR800').


There are still some issues to be resolved related to the encoding of NA Variables with a natural zero (e.g. SAR) have 0 set to NA.


D.E. Beaudette and A.G. Brown


if (FALSE) {

# see WCS_details() for variable options
WCS_details(wcs = 'ISSR800')

# get wind erodibility group
res <- ISSR800.wcs(list(aoi = c(-116, 35, -115.5, 35.5), crs = "EPSG:4326"), 
                   var = 'weg', res = 800)