Simplify multiple coarse fraction (>2mm) records by horizon.

simplifyFragmentData(rf, id.var, nullFragsAreZero = TRUE)



a data.frame object, typically returned from NASIS, see details


character vector with the name of the column containing an ID that is unique among all horizons in rf


should fragment volumes of NULL be interpreted as 0? (default: TRUE), see details


This function is mainly intended for the processing of NASIS pedon/horizon data which contains multiple coarse fragment descriptions per horizon. simplifyFragmentData will "sieve out" coarse fragments into the USDA classes, split into hard and para- fragments.

The simplifyFragmentData function can be applied to data sources other than NASIS by careful use of the id.var argument. However, rf must contain coarse fragment volumes in the column "fragvol", fragment size (mm) in columns "fragsize_l", "fragsize_r", "fragsize_h", and fragment cementation class in "fraghard".

There are examples in the KSSL data tutorial.


D.E. Beaudette