This function downloads a generalized representations of a soil series extent from SoilWeb, derived from the current SSURGO snapshot. Data can be returned as vector outlines (SpatialPolygonsDataFrame object) or gridded representation of area proportion falling within 800m cells (raster object). Gridded series extent data are only available in CONUS. Vector representations are returned with a GCS/WGS84 coordinate reference system and raster representations are returned with an Albers Equal Area / NAD83 coordinate reference system (EPSG 5070).

seriesExtent(s, type = c("vector", "raster"), timeout = 60)



a soil series name, case-insensitive


series extent representation, vector results in a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame object and raster results in a raster object


time that we are willing to wait for a response, in seconds


This function requires the rgdal package.



D.E. Beaudette


# \donttest{ if(requireNamespace("curl") & curl::has_internet()) { # required packages library(sp) library(raster) library(rgdal) # specify a soil series name s <- 'magnor' # return as SpatialPolygonsDataFrame x <- seriesExtent(s, type = 'vector') # return as raster y <- seriesExtent(s, type = 'raster') # note that CRS are different proj4string(x) projection(y) # transform vector representation to CRS of raster x <- spTransform(x, CRS(projection(y))) # graphical comparison par(mar = c(1, 1 , 1, 3)) plot(y, axes = FALSE) plot(x, add = TRUE) }
#> Warning: CRS object has comment, which is lost in output
#> Warning: Discarded datum Unknown based on GRS80 ellipsoid in Proj4 definition
# }